Alpaca Crias Pictures and Videos

Video: Alpaca Cria Full of Energy Wants to Play

Description of the video above: On this fine summer day, our crias are leisurely enjoying eating grass.. but one cria wants to play and tries, to no avail, to get the other crias interested. It is fun to watch the spurt of energy and see this little cria trying to stir something up. Watch the comments on the video to be ready to see the energy spurt that one little cria has partway into the video.

Video: Crias Curious About the Farm Cat

Description of the video above: This video catches some cute moments where the alpaca crias are showing their curiosity about a cat that seems to be asking for their attention. Look how comfortable the cat is around the alpacas.. apparently they are buddies! Watch the two crias nearly touch noses sometimes in this video too. Looks like they are great pals.

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