Alpaca Mignonette

Alpacas Eating Green Grass on the Farm

Mignonette - alpaca at age 13 months old.

Mignonette at age 13 months old

It can be enjoyable to observe farm alpacas and notice their natural traits. When they are in the pasture on the farm, alpacas spend some of their time eating grass and it is interesting to see that they tend to mimic the activities of each other. When one bends it’s neck down to begin eating grass, more will follow. Often there will be several in a row, all with the same basic pose, standing with neck bent downward, each getting a mouthful of grass to eat at the exact same moment. Then they will lift their heads all at the same time and chew that tasty green grass for a moment. After a bit, they will move on to another activity, which they will also tend to do together. Shown above is a picture of alpacas eating together, in the manner just described.

Alpaca named Mignonette at age 17 months.

Alpaca named Mignonette at age 17 months.

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