Alpaca Fleece in Bird Nests

There are various ways to attract birds to your backyard or general living area. Making materials readily available for area birds to use in making nests can certainly help to encourage birds to stick around.

Outdoor ball ornament filled with alpaca fleece for bird nesting material.An outdoor ornament filled with soft fleece can be a means to some interesting times for any bird watcher, as well as sure to be appreciated by the birds themselves. Can you imagine anything softer to line a nest with? That’s got to be close to little birdy heaven, sleeping on a soft cushion of alpaca fleece in their home nest! And just imagine the enjoyment of having the privelege of watching birds come to gather this soft nesting material from an alpaca fleece nesting ball that you have provided for them.

These would be a wonderful gifts for bird watchers or bird photographers, who are always looking for ways to attract birds.

A Nesting Lawn Ornament like the one pictured is available ready-made. Click here to see it.