Sew Coats For Alpacas

How I Got Started Making Coats For Alpacas
written by Linda Berol, Farm Manager

During the first winter of having alpacas on our farm, I noticed one of our alpacas shivering. The shivering alpaca was our oldest (8 years old) female, still nursing her nearly 6 month old cria. I was so surprised and I wasn’t sure what to do. I immediately went to one of the instructional websites for alpacas to research.

I quickly found some helpful information regarding cold-weather stress on alpacas. I remember reading something like, “At the first sign of shivering, put a coat on the alpaca.” Wow, a coat? I didn’t own one so I did some more research. I quickly found suppliers where I could purchase a coat for my shivering alpaca.

I decided to try to make a coat, originally just a vague idea because I wanted to help out our animal right away. Next >>> See what I did: Steps to Make a Coat For an Alpaca

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