The First Coat I Made

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The first coat for alpacas that I made.

First Coat on Lady Martha-Mary Woldbrook

The first coat I made was not shaped perfectly. The curved part under the neck was too long and hanging off to the side. So it looked weird but it was functional. I left it on the alpaca anyway. It worked just fine!

Our alpaca stopped shivering and perked up! She actually stood still while I adjusted it as though she appreciated my hard work (okay, sometimes my imagination works overtime).

I left the coat on for weeks because we had an extra long cold spell at that time. I learned that alpacas can become damp, if they are sweating due to being overheated. So I checked the alpaca daily to make sure she wasn’t overheated. She absolutely needed that coat on for most of that winter.

When I had a chance to take the coat off, I adjusted it to make the front curved portion shaped better, mostly so I didn’t laugh at the way it looked! And that same alpaca (Lady Martha-Mary Woldbrook) has worn that coat every winter since, whenever the temperature drops below 20 degrees.

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